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寒假過後,HIA校園迎來了全體學生的歡樂回歸! 學生們積極參與了首次的朝會活動,帶著期待和笑容開啟新的學期。

PRIDE TIME不僅僅是一場朝會,更是一個讓大家團結、振奮、燃起對新學期的熱情的開始

Joyful Return to Learning: Exciting Second Semester

Monday, January 8th, marked a joyful return to learning here at Hsinchu International Academy; our halls echoed with laughter and smiles. Teachers and staff warmly welcomed students for an exciting second semester. The day concluded with an uplifting Lion PRIDE TIME assembly, setting the tone for an extraordinary semester ahead! Remember, do your daily best, set ambitious goals, and let passion be your guide. With determination, nothing can stand in your way!

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