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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes identify what we believe every learner within the HIA learning community should aspire to achieve.

Globally Informed Contributors 國際力

Effective Communicators and Collaborators 協作力

Innovative Thinkers 創造力

Active Learners 學思力

Model Citizens 公民力

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Support for Standardized Tests


HIA implements programs to help students to prepare for the SAT, including SAT-prep camps. All students are expected to sit for the PSAT and SAT examinations. HIA designates specific PSAT/ SAT exam dates in our regular school calendar and exams can be completed at HIA.


English Proficiency Test: IELTS

HIA prepares students for English-proficiency test, such as IELTS, which are required for some universities. HIA implements IELTS tests on-site for all students and is also the only official IELTS test site in the Zhubei-HSR area.

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