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HIA Inquiry Science Class 🧪🌿

At Hsinchu International Academy, we are incredibly proud of our high school students for their independent science inquiries, embodying our Lion PRIDE values with their courage and curiosity. One group of students focused on bioplastic production, driven by concerns about microplastics in our soil and waters and the dangers of plastics in food packaging. Another student investigated the impact of different colored lights and the energy light waves they emit on plant growth. These projects exemplify how our students are bringing textbook learning to life, making real-world connections, and building a deep awareness of the interconnectedness of all learning. Their efforts pave a beautiful road to lifelong learning and discovery. 🌱🔬

HIA 科學探究課程

HIA高中生們以勇氣和好奇心體現了HIA的Lion PRIDE核心價值。其中一組學生專注於生物塑料的製作,致力於解決土壤和水中的微塑料問題以及食品包裝中塑料的危害。另一位學生則研究了不同顏色的光及其發出的能量光波對植物生長的影響。

學生展現如何將課本知識付諸實踐,建立與現實世界的聯繫,並深刻認識到各學科之間的相互關聯。他們的努力為未來的學習和研究打下了堅實的基礎。 🌍📘




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