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Eastern Geography - European Culture Mini-Museum Exhibitions

🌍Grade 7 students embarked on an exciting independent research adventure in their Eastern Geography class! Over five weeks, students explored a specific European culture, conducting research, penning a project proposal, crafting a miniature museum exhibition, and developing annotated bibliographies. They even created charming guidebooks to accompany their museum showcase presentations.

🔍Project-based learning approaches such as this not only fosters opportunities for a deep understanding of the subject matter but also hones research, presentation, and collaboration skills, preparing students for future academic and professional endeavors. Fantastic work!


七年級的學生在Mr. Schmidtberger指導的東方地理課展開了一場令人興奮的獨立研究之旅!學生們用了五週的時間探索一個特定的歐洲文化並進行研究,撰寫項目提案,打造微型博物館展覽,並註釋相關文獻和資料。學生們亦創作了迷人的導覽手冊,以配合博物館展示的口頭報告演講。





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