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HIA Student Council Spring Spirit Week

🎊HIA Student Council Spring Spirit Week

Last week's Spring Spirit Week, led by the Student Council, concluded with a joyful dodgeball competition. This Spirit Week not only featured different costume themes each day but also included a class-themed fun game during each day's activities, bringing more laughter and unity to our HIA community.

From Mix-Match Day and Charades on Monday to Dress Up As Your Type Day and Knowledge Challenge on Tuesday, Western Day and Free Ice Cream Sundaes on Wednesday, Sport Jersey Day and Pictionary on Thursday, to Class Color Day and Dodgeball Mini-Tournament on Friday, each activity was filled with smiles and laughter from our students. We hope everyone had a delightful time participating in Spirit Week activities and created wonderful memories together. Thank you to all the students for their enthusiastic participation throughout the week! 💙🦁

🎊上週是HIA的Spirit Week,學生們展現了美好的學習氛圍和充滿活力的校園精神!

恭喜HIA學生會(STUCO)籌辦Spirit Week圓滿成功!由STUCO主席Amber Huang所帶領及副主席Annabelle Hsu、財務Hana Kuo和秘書Joyce Hsu,以及Rita Lin(G10)、Elaine Yeh(G9)、Cynthia Chuang(G8)和Chloe Chen(G7)共同合作的學生會活動,在這週展示了活力四射的校園精神。從主題日到班級比賽,再到星期三的冰淇淋沙拉吧,Spirit Week 充滿了激情,最終在星期五的充滿活力的躲避球比賽中畫下完美的句點。感謝所有學生的參與,一同展示了HIA Lion PRIDE。💙🦁



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