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HIA US University Fair

Last week, we hosted 2024 HIA US College Fair for Grade 9 and 10 students and parents and it was a resounding success! With representatives from 21 American colleges and universities present, attendees had a fantastic opportunity to explore post-secondary options. Special thanks to Ben Wilkey, Director of AEO Tour, for organizing this invaluable event. Let's build on this momentum as we continue to support our students in their journey towards higher education. Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation and support.

上週康乃薾國際實驗國高中第一屆的美國大學博覽會圓滿成功!有來自21所美國大學的代表參與,透過與學生和家長們直接的對話,讓他們更了解各美國大學的特色和探索未來大學的選擇。特別感謝 AEO Tour Mr. Ben Wilkey 協助籌備這麼有意義的活動,讓學生們繼續往邁向大學之路前進!



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