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🎊 HIA End-of-Year Celebration Party 🎊

🎊 HIA End-of-Year Celebration Party 🎊

HIA End-of-Year Celebration was a whirlwind of excitement! Amidst locker clean-outs, mesmerizing talent showcases, thrilling basketball challenges, and a delightful pot-luck feast, the air buzzed with joy and camaraderie. However, the true highlight of the day was our heartfelt Award Ceremony, where we celebrated the exceptional achievements and contributions of our students. From scholarships to academic accolades and perfect attendance honors, we recognized the dedication and hard work that defined our school community. As we bid farewell to another remarkable school year, we looked forward to the next chapter of growth and success at HIA!🦁💙

🎊 HIA結業式慶祝活動 🎊





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