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Executive Director's Welcome

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Dr.  Jase Lau, MDCM, FAAP
STAR Korrnell Education Group CEO
HIA Founder

Welcome to Hsinchu International Academy!

It is with great excitement and honor to welcome all students, parents, faculty and staff and prospective members to Hsinchu International Academy (HIA). For many years, our STAR Korrnell community has voiced the need for a high school within our education group. With our team’s great effort, the addition of HIA to the STAR Korrnell Education Group will extend our education service to the high school level, leading our students to top colleges and universities all around the world. In continuum with our education group’s vision and legacy, HIA will continue to put our students at the center of our education framework and to commit to students’ wellbeing and academic excellence.


In the era of globalization, we recognize that it is more important than ever for our next generation to have a global perspective, as being able to mobilize globally will bring many more opportunities to our children. Becoming a global citizen does not only mean being bilingual, it also implies being able to connect and to communicate with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. That is especially important since our children will very likely work in different parts of the world or have a career that requires working with a global team. As an educator and a parent of 5 children, I recognize that my team and I have the responsibility to support and to nurture the growth and development of our students in a diverse and inclusive education environment.


With the goal of leading our students to world class universities, HIA curriculum is purposefully designed for our students to be immersed in an international curriculum, in addition to our core Chinese courses. In addition, our unique life education program aims to help our students to become “personally responsible, locally active and globally involved.” After graduating from HIA, many opportunities will be available to our students, as they can apply to top colleges and universities both in Taiwan and overseas.


HIA’s newly constructed campus adopts the latest technology in addition to our indoor gymnasium, science laboratory, dance studio and art studio.


With its small class size and student body, HIA attends to the needs of each and every student with our counseling program, which will help them to identify their interests and goals. HIA community offers a supportive, stimulating and safe learning environment, which is crucial during the middle and high school developmental stage.


Working in collaboration with our Principal Mr. Choquette and the founding team, I am confident that HIA will help our students to be successful anywhere in the world.



Dr. Jase Lau, MDCD, FAAP

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