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Student Life

Engaging Co-Curriculars & Sports

At Hsinchu International Academy, students have the opportunity to live a vibrant school life that reflects their passions and interests. Through our extensive activities offerings, Academic Clubs, Community Service Clubs, Student Interest & Hobby Clubs, and Physical Wellbeing & Sports, students have the opportunity to live, learn, and lead beyond the classroom.

In HIA's Advisory Program, students develop their skills and abilities to help them prepare to face challenges in their personal and academic lives by supporting their emotional and social needs. We offer university and career counseling to our high school students to assist them in finding the best post-secondary path for them; whether that is here in Taiwan or overseas.

Enriching experiences that strengthen the mind and the body.

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Academic Clubs

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Community Service Clubs

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Physical Wellbeing &


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Student Interest &

Hobby Clubs

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