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Our Mission

Hsinchu International Academy is committed to providing academic excellence, inspiring our learners to be confident, creative, compassionate, scientific thinkers who develop a joy for collaborative lifelong learning, to reach their full potential and to be successful anywhere in the world.

康乃薾國際實驗國高中 致力於提供卓越和多元的學程,並培育學生成為具自信心、創造力、同理心的思辨公民和終身學習者,使學生能發揮其獨特潛能並成功踏上國際舞台。

Our Vision

Empowering students to thrive and make a difference in the world.


Our Motto

Personally Responsible • Locally Active • Globally Involved


成就自我 • 社會參與 • 接軌國際

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