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Welcome ACS WASC Consultant Visit

❤️A big thank you to Ms. Dawn Rock, ACS WASC Consultant for making time to visit Hsinchu International Academy to learn about our history, our wonderful people, and our bright future.

We love ACS WASC at HIA because it gives us an opportunity to hold up a mirror, honor our past, celebrate our learning community successes, and work collaboratively with stakeholders to dedicate ourselves to important work worth doing - opening our student’s hearts and minds to learning 👍.

❤️非常感謝ACS WASC顧問 Ms. Dawn Rock特別撥空來訪康乃薾國際實驗國高中,HIA很榮幸有機會跟Ms. Rock分享我們的理念、優秀的團隊以及未來的發展。

我們非常期待HIA參加ACS WASC評鑑,讓HIA的團隊在家長的支持和學生的參與下,能自我檢視和持續進行品質改善和管理,為學生們創造一個優質和我計劃的學習環境 👍。





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