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Wishing you a school life filled with joy. 

As the holiday approaches , our heart is filled with gratitude for our incredible Hsinchu International Academy (HIA) family. The foundation of our unique journey lies in the embodiment of our HIA Lion PRIDE values: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence.


To our dear students, parents, teachers, and staff, your unwavering determination and positive outlook define the very essence of our school spirit. Your collective commitment to nurturing respect and integrity serves as a powerful example for us all. Together, we have embraced and lived by our PRIDE values, fostering a community that showcases the best in each of us and empowers one and all.


As we approach holiday, please join me in celebrating the community, compassion, and academic growth that have flourished here at Hsinchu International Academy. 


每當節慶來臨,HIA對各位家長的支持充滿感激,這趟獨特旅程體現了Lion Pride的價值:積極、尊重、誠信、毅力和卓越。


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