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Elective Courses

HIA offers a variety of Elective Courses, which are mostly semester-long, with the exception of AP courses which are year-long courses. Middle School and High School students get to explore their interests in different fields, including sciences, mathematics, arts, journalism, computer sciences, public speaking, etc. Students also get to complete projects and/ or participate in competitions related to their electives. 



AP Courses

At HIA, students can choose from a broad selection of AP courses. AP classes offer rigorous, college-level work to help students develop knowledge and skills to be successful in college. AP courses offered at HIA align to national curriculum frameworks outlined by the College Board. Standardized exam written and graded by College Board given in May. HIA is an official AP test site and students can sit for AP examinations at HIA. 

By completing AP courses and passing a course’s exam students may earn college credit for courses taken for high school credit.

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Environmental Science

AP Biology

AP Microeconomics

AP Psychology

AP Statistics

AP Calculus A

AP Calculus B

AP Chinese

AP Precalculus

And More…

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